Org 2.0 — the successful evolution of your organization!

In today’s world, social, economic, technological, and political landscapes are changing at unprecedented rates. We are a consulting firm focused on helping businesses build their capacity to navigate the challenges of complex change through a sustainable shift to a more human-centric operating model.

The Antigonish Movement of co-operative development advocates for “a society that will permit every individual to develop to the utmost limit of her/his capacities.”

Our methodology is based on this premise.

We believe that the challenges faced by your organization are countered when the best of what you offer is applied systematically and collaboratively toward a common good. Our role is to guide business leaders in a way which will achieve success through managed change in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

We work with our clients collaboratively to:

  • Optimize existing organizational structures and processes to better manage complex change.
  • Align staff understanding of the values, direction, and opportunities that define who the company wants to be.
  • Develop a corporate culture that removes barriers (seen and unseen) that constrain employee contribution and value, building avenues for dynamic collaboration.

We create the fertile ground on which transformation can occur, where possibilities can grow, and where furious change is met with an increased capacity to adapt.

“… a welcome fresh way of thinking for us.”

— Executive VP, Manufacturing Company

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