We work with your organization to understand the systems that influence how change is currently managed. Once the interaction between these systems is documented, Org 2.0 builds the bespoke change model that will craft a self-sustaining approach to change. Key areas of inquiry include:

  • How are projects prioritized and scheduled?
  • How do you effectively manage a change initiative when you don't really understand it?
  • How can you exploit change to create an engaged workforce?
  • How do you create room (and permission) for innovative thought?

Change takes time. Your change model requires a transition period which will be planned in 90-day increments. We collaborate with your team to apply the model strategically throughout the organization. Our focus is to guide and mentor your team through the transition period to the point where our help is no longer necessary.

We prepare organizations for the ‘Next Generation’ economy. Helping companies sensibly transition to a more agile and sustainable way of doing business is how we meet this challenge.

“We’re already reaping the benefits, but we know that the best is yet to come!”

— Maureen Hayward, St. Mary’s University

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